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Informations Carretera Austral

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Informations Carretera Austral

Dear WS Members,

I'm thinking to do the Carretera Austral in February/march. I don't have a precise date. I would like to get in touch with people who already did it.

For Europeans, to which airport did you fly? Santiago?

Do you know if there's a bus which takes bikes from Santiago to Puerto Montt?

Do you think it's better to start in Puerto Montt or in O'Higgins?

How to come back and/or go to O'Higgins?

I hope someone can tell me more about this.

See you soon along the road!


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Hi, Most people start in

Hi, Most people start in Puerto Montt and ride down to O'Higgins. 

If you want to start in O'Higgins it is quite tricky, I dont think anyone ever started in O'Higgins, most people ride from El Calafate up, O'Higgins is just a stop point to get supplies, there is an airport at O'Higgins but why miss out the lake crossing?