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Join me in the Pyreenes July - August 2019

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Join me in the Pyreenes July - August 2019

For my 50th birthday I'll ride the Pyrenees in August 2019, from Barcelona gonig west to the Atlantic coast. I'll start on August 3-4 and will go at a not too fast pace - probably 20 - 60 km a day, with occasional days off riding.

I'll camp most nights, will stay in rooms here and there.

I'm a woman from Israel, I speak passable Spanish and some Arabic in addition to Hebrew and English.

If you feel like joining part or all of this trip please contance me at

see you there


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What is your exact route?

What is your exact route? From Barcelona to San Sebastian directly along the south of the Pyrenees? I am also planning to be in the area but  it will certainly cover some parts of France ,especially a few etappes in the Pyrenees because of the Tour Of  France in July. My perception of touring is just like you: No matter how far I go a day but just to enjoy everything and every moment on the way and I also plan a low budget tour with wildcamping or so. I hope we can meet somewere on the road. You can write anytime for details. Good luck!