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Around the Baltic Sea in summer 2018

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Around the Baltic Sea in summer 2018

Hello everybody,

is there anybody motivated for a tour around the Baltic Sea from may to july, september or october 2018 ? Starting from northern Germany (Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg...), passing by the baltic states, maybe Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark. Maybe a little break at my friend's place in northern Sweden. Maybe going to Tromsö on the way. Maybe looking for some projects of co-housing (I'm interested in urbanism), urban or rural farming, places where people come together...

I don't have any special plans yet but I really would like to find people, in the best case one person for the whole journey, who want to come with me. I'm rather flexible with everything.

I imagine a tour with some stops at interesting places (cities and nature), having some time for this, doing about 60-120km per day (not too fast but not too slow neither), doing some warmshowers in the city and some wild camping in the countryside.

I speak german and french fluently and I could improve my english by talking to you:)

It would be great to find some companions!



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salut Josephine,

salut Josephine,

j'aimerais bien faire ça un jour, et avant d'être devenu trop vieux ! :D Par contre je suis un cycliste sportif à la base, donc je ne sais pas rouler lentement, je n'ai que des vélos de connais les pays baltes surtout l'Estonie mais en voiture et ça serait génial de pouvoir faire du vélo là-bas, il n'y a pas beaucoup de circulation en dehors des villes donc ça doit être agréable.

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Hello, Josefine

Hello, Josefine

I don't think I would be able to join you for a trip, but if you need information about Lithuania, I would be happy to help or maybe to meet/host you on your trip. You can also write me in french language ;)

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I have done many trips in

I'm livin in Sweden and have done alot of touring in the Baltic and Scandinavian region if your looking for specific info. So next year I'm planing to do a tour in the Black Sea area (Ukraine, Rumania or Georgia). But if I'm at home you and your companions are very welcome to stay at my place in Stockholm. Roam free! :) 

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I'm interested.

I'm an experinced cyclist, but slow to keep up with technology. And, as of late, I've been a crime victim, had bank account hijacked. So my funds are limited. What do figure?

It would be fun. I could smuggle my break apart surly on the plane to save on shipping. Maybe I could go as a wor-away on a a cargo ship.

I'm also 62 years old. I live in a cabin 26 miles from the closest town. I have along haul trucker and a bobs trailer for shopping. Iver carried 90lbs 70 miles, but would prefer to go light. need to know the weather and what to bring. 


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seems cool


The north way of the Ballistic See is also a part of my plan for the next year. on the road, I will write my Doktorarbeit, so I will be so focoused into some math. If you are searching a quiet person, I am the one.

Good luck

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Hooo je vais faire le même voyage ;-)

Salut Josefine ! 

Cet été je vais faire le même voyage que toi ! Mais je crois que tu tournes dans l'autre sens ;-)

Je vais partir les premiers jours de Mai depuis la Ville de Reims en France, puis Belgique, Allemagne, Danemark, Suède, Finlande, Russie, Estonie, Lituanie, Lettonie, Pologne, Allemagne et retour en France en Octobre. Tu ne veux pas changer de sens de parcours ? :D

Bonne semaine !


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It is very possible that i will be going along the same way...!!

Hello Josefine!
Yes, it is very possible that i will be going along the same route beginning next spring...
Let's keep in touch and see what eventually will happen!

May you enjoy Life!

Apatris ... 'kostas'...


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Hi Josefine, YES, I was

Hi Josefine, YES, I was planning a similar tour, I live in New Zealand but was born in Hamburg, I was thinking to start from there and head aroun the Baltic, but maybe skip a few bits with ferries, subject to wind and weather condition's would be great to get to Latvia, and St Petersburg, and Helsinki and Stockholm and all the wonderful places in between. I am thinking of starting in early august and go for a couple of months at a relaxed pace. Nothing is set in stone yet.

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I suggest you to begin earlier than august 

june juiy august are the best month 

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Hallo Frank, ich sah deinen

Hallo Frank, ich sah deinen Beitrag und habe eine Empfehlung für dich, denn ich war 2015 auf einer phantastischen Tour mit Fahrrad und Fähren von Rostock nach Trelleborg. Mit dem Fahrrad bis Kalmar, dort übergesetzt auf die Insel Öland und bis Byxelkrog gefahren, dann mit der Fähre nach Oskarshamn. Von Oskarshamn mit der Fähre nach Visby/Gotland. Von Visby mit der Fähre nach Nynäshamn und weiter mit dem Fahrrad nach Stockholm. Von Stockholm mit der Fähre erst nach Mariehamn/Ålandinseln dann weiter nach Turku. Mit dem Fahrrad nach Helsinki und weiter mit der Fähre nach Tallin/Estland. Später zurück nach Helsinki und von dort mit der Fähre nach Lübeck. Ein Abstecher nach St.Petersburg wäre auch noch möglich gewesen. Vorletztes Jahr war ich auch in Lettland und Litauen ind 2017 in Lappland und bin um den bottnischen Meeresbusen gefahren. Ich bin übrigens auch Hamburger, aber schon etwas älter (68) Viele Grüße nach Neuserland

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I have been wanting to this

I have been wanting to this for some time. Basically a route from with the Baltic on my left shoulder ending up in Talkin or Helsinki.

I'd love to have a companion.

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Baltic Sea round tour 2017

I solo cycled around the Baltic in May - July 2017 and I can share some information if of interest. You can also check my travel blog: and