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Cycling in Tailand

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Cycling in Tailand

Hi guys. I’m going to cycling in south Asia starting from bangkok to the north of tailand after that to Myanmar then to the Laos then to the Vietnam.
I was last winter in the tailand,cambodia and laos. In that trip i knew indochina then i thought about this trip. All of these roads cross the budist arias. If it be possible finally i want to go to china from vietnam to the lahasa.
I start it new year. I am planning it. Most of this road is mountainy. I ride in this roads per day about 60-80 kms.
After planning the trip i will write about it again.
All the cyclists ,having intention to join or having some hints or advices for all are more than welcomed.Below all contact details are listed.Will be great to contact to all in any way.

Best regards

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cycling asia too!

Hi Ali, we are cycling in those countries too this winter (jan/feb) but in east Thailand, N Cambodia and S Laos. Maybe we will bump in to you along the way! Have a great trip!

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I am a French Canadian. I also plan to go to Thailand at the beginning of the year (arrived in Bangkok on January 7th). Nevertheless, I planned to go to Kuala Lumpur, so to the south. However, I also plan to do Vietnam where I will be in Ho Chi Minh around February 20 and will head to Hanoi. Maybe chance will make us meet.

Happy hike


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Cycling Thailand

Bonjour Roland, our paths may cross, look out for a rag-tag cycling group - a Welshman, 2 Americans, a Thai lady and me...! have a great trip, Jo